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Friends of Lucinda’s

Friends of Lucinda’s is our frequent-stay program. When any Friend stays 5 times, you become a Friend of Lucinda’s automatically and one of the nights during your 6th stay will be FREE.

There are no fees to be a member of Friends of Lucinda’s. We keep the records for you. We will let you know when you complete your 5th stay with us. You can immediately book your 6th stay or do it later when you know you will be back in Fair Play. You can book online. If you book online you must make a note in the Packages Box on the reservation form, that the stay is a Friend of Lucinda’s (FOL).
Some restrictions apply and based on availability.

The WALL of FAME is below:

When you complete the FOL requirements you too will have your photo taken at the WALL of FAME and displayed here.

John & Gerri Mattson are the ring leaders (well Gerri is) of folks from Roseville. The group has enjoyed a couple Wine Extravaganza events and recently attended our Fair Play Farm2Fork Dinner & Stay. Gerri is lovingly known as the warden, as she keeps everyone moving and on time doing their thing.

Daryl’s always making jokes and jesting with our guests. Once he had to grovel with apologies galore for the mistake he made with Kay. He really, literally got on his knees when Paul & Kay Tietz returned for another visit. Kay forgave him and great friends ever since, but the jesting and jokes have not stopped.

Getting away for a quick, quiet retreat is what Natasha Young loves. Curtis and Natasha come up from Vacaville, CA (about 80 miles) and they love to stay in the Fair Play Cottage, so sometimes times when they sneak into the cottage we don’t even know they are here for awhile.

Barry & Sharon Williams join the coveted Friends of Lucinda’s because their friend introduced them to us a few years ago. What a great couple; fun to talk to and interesting things to discuss. “Coming over the Hill” into Fair Play makes for an escape for them worth taking. They too call Fair Play “their wine country”.

For five years Gordon & Stefanie Utz have been coming to celebrate there anniversary. We are honored to have had them here for 1/3 of their married life. Their trips from Fallon, NV have sometimes been challenging as they stay with us mid-November. The weather is not always as accommodating as Lucinda’s.


“After my first stay I knew I wanted to stay in all five rooms. Each one is just so beautiful I need to experience each one of their individual charms,” Catherine wrote. (This was the seed that grew into the Friends of Lucinda’s frequent stay program.) ~ Guest Comment