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Friends of Lucinda’s

Friends of Lucinda’s is our frequent-stay program. When any Friend stays 5 times, you become a Friend of Lucinda’s automatically and one of the nights during your 6th stay will be FREE.

There are no fees to be a member of Friends of Lucinda’s. We keep the records for you. We will let you know when you complete your 5th stay with us. You can immediately book your 6th stay or do it later when you know you will be back in Fair Play. You can book online. If you book online you must make a note in the Packages Box on the reservation form, that the stay is a Friend of Lucinda’s (FOL).
Some restrictions apply and based on availability.

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The WALL of FAME is below:

When you complete the FOL requirements you too will have your photo taken at the WALL of FAME and displayed here.

Gylan & Lynn Larson are our most frequent Friends staying with us. They have stayed with us 27 times, which means they are working on their fifth free night. They met us at Windwalker Winery when we were in the throes of building Lucinda’s. So they watched our baby come to life and now they call us their “Home Away from Home.”

Neil & Vicki Bailey are spoiling us. It seems that whenever they stay with us they bring newbies with them. It’s great; we make new friends and enjoy new conversations. Daryl likes the name of the street they live on: Madrid. It reminds him of our trip to Spain a few years ago.

Jim & Anne Holmes have been coming for year. That’s how they have earned their second free night. Their preference for staying is the 3rd weekend of January each year for the Annual PVFA Crab Banquets. There they almost always outbid the others bidding for the salmanazar bottle of Iverson wine.

Elizabeth & Larry Trilops have been coming to stay with us since March of 2011. That is fast to qualify for the FOL Program. What is nice is after about a year and 1/2 absence they returned for their qualifying stay.

Rich & Veronica Morrison have been like clockwork, staying with us once a year. Though one year they did “mess up” and stayed twice. The really nice thing is, like several other Friends of Lucinda’s; they bring some of their friends; so we get to meet them as well. It’s always great to welcome a newbie to our Friends of Lucinda’s family.

“After my first stay I knew I wanted to stay in all five rooms. Each one is just so beautiful I need to experience each one of their individual charms,” Catherine wrote. (This was the seed that grew into the Friends of Lucinda’s frequent stay program.) ~ Guest Comment