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Friends of Lucinda’s

Friends of Lucinda’s is our frequent-stay program. When any Friend stays 5 times, you become a Friend of Lucinda’s automatically and one of the nights during your 6th stay will be FREE.

There are no fees to be a member of Friends of Lucinda’s. We keep the records for you. We will let you know when you complete your 5th stay with us. You can immediately book your 6th stay or do it later when you know you will be back in Fair Play. You can book online. If you book online you must make a note in the Packages Box on the reservation form, that the stay is a Friend of Lucinda’s (FOL).
Some restrictions apply and based on availability.

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The WALL of FAME is below:

When you complete the FOL requirements you too will have your photo taken at the WALL of FAME and displayed here.

Laura Peoples and Bryan Evans travel “over the hill” from Reno to enjoy Fair Play as often as they can. Since they first stayed with us in 2011 that means they come a little more often than once a year. We appreciate their company and friendly smiles.

Folks from Nevada have adopted Lucinda’s as their home away from home. At least that’s what John and Linda Gabriel tell us. Their last visit they had their “newly adopted” kids – actually neighbors of theirs – join them for the stay with us.  It was fun to meet the “new Kids” and thank Sean for his recent military service. They all live in Reno and while here they saw other people they know from Reno. Lucinda’s seems to be a common meeting ground for folks from Nevada.

Amee Gold grew-up as a tall natural blonde in Southern California playing, of course, volleyball. Stephen & Amee Gold are striking, in that they both are tall and make a beautiful couple. But as you can see Amee is now a “natural” red head.

Jim & Shana Walters started coming to Lucinda’s when they first started dating. Both were teachers at a high school Daryl used to compete against when he was in high school: Hiram Johnson in Sacramento. They both are now Principals; Shana at an elementary school just a couple miles from home and Jim at an intermediate school a few miles the opposite direction from their home. It was great to see them recently after a few years off from visiting us; starting their family – a beautiful young boy and his little sister.

Sallie and Rob are friends with Cedarville Winery. Each June the winery has their annual wine club members’ picnic and wine release. Like clockwork, Sallie & Rob have been attending and fortunately for us, staying here at Lucinda’s. They come from Sonoma County, so you know they must like the wine at Cedarville.


“After my first stay I knew I wanted to stay in all five rooms. Each one is just so beautiful I need to experience each one of their individual charms,” Catherine wrote. (This was the seed that grew into the Friends of Lucinda’s frequent stay program.) ~ Guest Comment