Friends of Lucinda’s

Friends of Lucinda’s is our frequent-stay program. When any Friend stays 5 times, you become a Friend of Lucinda’s automatically and one of the nights during your 6th stay will be FREE.

There are no fees to be a member of Friends of Lucinda’s. We keep the records for you. We will let you know when you complete your 5th stay with us. Any guest who makes three (3) or more reservations with an OTA (Online Travel Agents -Expedia,,, ETC.) has to have six (6) stays to  qualify for the Friends of Lucinda’s Program. You can immediately book your 6th stay or do it later when you know you will be back in Fair Play. You can book online. If you book online you must make a note in the Packages Box on the reservation form, that the stay is a Friend of Lucinda’s (FOL).
Some restrictions apply and based on availability.

The WALL of FAME is below:

When you complete the FOL requirements you too will have your photo taken at the WALL of FAME and displayed here.

Sometimes its just not that easy to stay with us. Mark & Jaclyn Zook have to come over the mountains from Reno. And that is not always easy, especially from November to April. Add in some family matters and you know the Zooks were determined to get here. We’re so glad they made the fifth stay so they will get their free night during their next stay.

We have folks visit us from all over the world. Most of our visitors though are from California and the East Bay area in particular. John and Sandy Rollin come all the way from Hayward. They like to get into the hills and away from the big city traffic and enjoy our quiet solitude.

Mike & Donna Tippery joined our exclusive family earlier this month. Like so many of our guests, they had trouble getting to us from Reno last winter. The mountain passes were not hospitable for travelers. They did manage to get here with friends and that makes us extremely happy when our family brings new friends. Tanx, Mike & Donna.

Lucinda and Daryl love it when guests have been coming to Lucinda’s for years. Steve & Sandy Miller have been doing just that, and mainly in October. That way they don’t have to fight the weather going over the mountains. They just qualified for their second free night. Now that is loyalty.  

Each  spring, after the mountain snows subside, Larry & Karen Burton venture over the hill to Fair Play. Generally they gather with 3 or 4 other couples to enjoy the weekend. This last Friday (5/17/19) they arrived to help celebrate their good friend’s 50th anniversary. I asked Larry if they were practicing for their 50th. His reply, NO! We celebrating ours now too with Charlie and Nancy, we never know if we’ll hit our 50th.


“After my first stay I knew I wanted to stay in all five rooms. Each one is just so beautiful I need to experience each one of their individual charms,” Catherine wrote. (This was the seed that grew into the Friends of Lucinda’s frequent stay program.) ~ Guest Comment